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The Importance of Broadband for York Outer

February 10, 2011

By Julian Sturdy MP

I consider it an honour to represent a number of picturesque villages and rural communities across the York Outer constituency. In our wonderful patch of the world we are surrounded by beautiful Yorkshire countryside and many of our towns have a traditional feel and attraction about them.

Despite this, however, the need for internet connectivity and speed is just as important as it is anywhere else in the country. High speed broadband has revolutionised the business world in recent years whilst transforming everyday tasks such as shopping and communicating for individuals.

In our hospitals and schools too, key public services cannot be delivered without fully functioning and efficient internet connectivity. Meanwhile, the number of those using the internet to oversee their financial affairs continues to grow at a rapid rate also.

Quite simply, in the 21st century, constituencies such as York Outer and regions such as North Yorkshire cannot afford to be left behind.

In certain areas, in villages such as Naburn for example, very few households are able to connect to the internet whatsoever. This denies local residents the ability to access the vast opportunities that the internet brings elsewhere. Local people are unable to work from home and local businesses are unable to garner the benefits that would otherwise be afforded to them by an online presence.

Those who live in Naburn will stress the need for internet connection, but another crucial issue is the speed of such connectivity. As with all great inventions, the internet is constantly evolving and we must ensure that our local infrastructure can keep up the pace. After all, slow internet connection is often as frustrating as having no connection at all.

Thus, given the problems that we have had with internet connection across North Yorkshire, it has been fantastic to work with neighbouring parliamentary colleagues to secure superfast broadband for our region. As a selected test area, North Yorkshire will literally be leading the way.

It is right to celebrate such exciting news and I therefore strongly support the Broadband North Yorkshire Conference. With a cross-party political consensus on the matter, I truly believe that superfast broadband will bring social, financial and technological benefits to people right across our historic region.

Julian Sturdy is the Member of Parliament for York Outer

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  1. February 18, 2011 11:18 am

    Living in the small village of Wykeham and working for the Dawnay Estates I have first hand experience of the rural isolation that poor internet connectivity creates.
    We may lie only 6 miles west of Scarborough but suffer the problems common to other rural communities – our only solution was to fund the installation of a fibre optic connection. This now delivers a high speed internet connection directly into the Wykeham Business Centre with a capacity of 100Mbps.
    The next step is to deliver this service to the businesses and residents within the village of Wykeham via a wireless internet connection. They will be some of the first in the county with this kind of access to the internet’s digital economy, social networking culture and home entertainment opportunities.

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