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Bradley Broadband Project

September 12, 2011

Julian Smith, Member of Parliament for Skipton and Ripon, has seen a new broadband project in action in Bradley, near Skipton.

The Bradley’s Both project went live last month and already 30 subscribers are connected with the further installations scheduled. 

This network will also, it is hoped, connect neighbouring hamlet of Cononley Woodside with 15 subscribers awaiting connection, and Carleton who have shown interest from approximately 75 subscribers. 

LN Communications, the service provider for the network are hoping for 200 customers within the first year.

The MP met with those behind the scheme at the home of James Townend in High Bradley, one of the first to switch to the new system.

The funding for the scheme was part of the Rural Connect project, which is run by NYnet with funding from the Rural Development Programme for England and was match funded by LN Communications.

Julian Smith, Member of Parliament for Skipton and Ripon, said:

“This new network is a great example of providing a high quality internet connection to a community who came together to say they wanted better broadband for their homes in Bradley and beyond. I also believe it will help local businesses to grow.

“I hope we will see many more of these projects in the coming months and years as the efforts to connect North Yorkshire are stepped up thanks to the 17 million pounds of Government money invested in the county.

“Having high quality, reliable internet connections is important to connect our rural communities and make sure they are not left behind in today’s ever more technology-dependent world.”

Julie Burton, NYnet’s Community & Economic Development Executive added:

“I am extremely pleased to see that all the hard work the communities, the service providers and ourselves have put into this project has come to fruition and residents are now enjoying a quality service, which people in more urban areas take for granted.  The residents can be proud in the knowledge that their actions, to come together to demand and support a network, have made it happen.”

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