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Broadband North Yorkshire Conference 2012

Last February, the inaugural Broadband North Yorkshire Conference launched the campaign, led by Julian Smith MP and backed by every North Yorkshire and York Member of Parliament, to improve broadband access across North Yorkshire. Since then there have been some major developments culminating in the award last month by the County Council of a contract worth around £50m to deliver high quality, high speed broadband to the vast majority of properties across the County to BT.

We are hosting a second event to celebrate the start of the laying of fibre across the County – a move which will transform the economic and social prospects for our region. It will be an opportunity for you to question BT and the County Council, to understand their timetable and hear about some of the challenges that remain for remoter communities. For businesses, we will be explaining how you can get better connected and running workshops on how you can start profiting from the web right now – whatever size of company you are.

The event takes place this weekend and the event is now full. However, we will be updating this page with information on the Conference after the event.

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  1. Robert Kreutzer-Brett permalink
    September 7, 2012 9:02 am

    Thank you.

    Kind regards


  2. Ralph Haughton permalink
    September 24, 2012 2:27 pm

    Just found out about the Conference this weekend (sadly already full), My post code is LS21 2QS and my question, and that of my neighbours, is not when our broadband is going to be speed-ed up but when are we likely to get it at all. We all try to run businesses through dongles and even a slow broadband connection would be better for us.
    Any information would be helpful. Regards
    Ralph Haughton

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