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The campaign is led by Julian Smith, Member of Parliament for Skipton and Ripon:

“I am delighted that so many communities, business leaders, charities, voluntary groups and telecommunications industry representatives are coming together to discuss what is a very important issue for the future of North Yorkshire.

“This is only the start of the journey to getting better broadband access for the County, but it is an important start and all of the Members of Parliament involved we be doing all we can to drive forward this project in the months and years ahead.”

It is supported by every Member of Parliament from across North Yorkshire and York, including Foreign Secretary William Hague, MP for Richmond:

“It is an essential part of the infrastructure of our economic success in the future. Clearly public sector spending is not going to be the engine of growth in Britain or any European economy in the years to come.

“That means we need private sector expansion, we need businesses to be able to trade more easily with each other and we need the future economic recovery to be more evenly spread out across this country including in the North of England.

“So in the same way as high speed rail is important to the future of our economy including the North of England, high speed broadband is critical – it’s part of that infrastructure.”

Anne McIntosh, MP for Thirsk and Malton:

“Having campaigned personally for better access and faster speeds for North Yorkshire, I am delighted the Government has selected North Yorkshire as one of its pilot areas.

“I have held numerous meetings with both BT as the infrastructure provider and various internet service providers. Anything that each of us can do to promote this campaign is warmly welcomed and therefore I am delighted to support this Conference as one such initiative.”

Hugh Bayley, MP for  York Central:

“High speed broadband is essential for business and has also become an everyday necessity for people at home.  If you want a good price when you book a train ticket, or buy almost anything, it’s best to look on the Internet.

“I represent a city which has high speed broadband already, but I strongly support the Broadband North Yorkshire Conference.  People in rural communities need access to Internet services every bit as much as people in towns and businesses in places like York will benefit from the full roll out of broadband in other areas because it puts them in closer touch with their customers.”

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